Electric Speed

Electric Speed

Electrical Racing competition is our origin. Rodenstein develops solutions for electric racing high performance applications. We also develop prototypes & small series vehicles like the full electric racing motorcycle Rodenstein Werksrennmaschine. Beginning from the Li-Ion energy storage system (battery, modules), electric drive shaft control units, to chassis & body design, everything is made by Rodenstein. We develop electric speed!

    • Ultra high power, Ultra light weight Li-Ion Battery
    • Vehicle & Battery Control Unit (Battery Management System)
    • Power electronics (Converter, Inverter)
    • Vehicle Conception & Simulation & Construction
    • Light Weight Construction
    • Prototype Construction (Vehicle & Energy Storage Systems)

Rodenstein High Performance Modules

Rodenstein Li-Ion battery modules provide ultra high power & energy density. The modular structure allows an extreme flexibility to match high geometrical requirements. To achieve best specs, Rodenstein battery system design is based on ultra-light weight solutions and material like carbon fibre.

    • Engineered in accordance to*: ECE R10, ECE R100, UN38.3, ISO 26262
    • Protection class IP67*
    • Multi-level short circuit protection on cell and system level
    • SOC (State of Charge) / SOH (State of Health) analysis

*(product under development)

Rodenstein High Performance Modules

Rodenstein Electric Superbike

Rodenstein Electric Superbike is the world’s first full electric endurance racing motorcycle.

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Rodenstein Energy Storage System

Rodenstein Energy Storage System

Rodenstein Li-ion battery systems have a fast charge capability and support ultra high performance fast charging with special Rodenstein fast charging stations. Optionally they have a fast swap capability to change the whole battery within minutes against a fully charged one or for maintenance. Rodenstein is a venture which develops solutions for electric high performance applications of tomorrow, such as zero emission racing or other applications with high power requirements.

Rodenstein Superbike

Rodenstein superbike is the world’s first full electric endurance motorcycle. It will be released in two versions. The production racer called „Werksrennmaschine“ Rodenstein is designed for competition purposes and will be available in several configuration stages. The black Rodenstein electric superbike will be available only in a limited amount. It is equipped with special details like illuminated air ventilation and an exclusive swingarm. The video is showing Gauss electric motorcycle form Hochschule Darmstadt, an early prototype.

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Rodenstein Superbike

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