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Electric Aviation

Electric Aviation

The usage of sustainable battery storage system with high requirements on high energy density, high power density and fast chargeability in aeronautic sector could not be realised with today’s solutions. Rodenstein offers electrical high performance solutions for Electric Aviation, E-Helicopter, UAVs, Performance Drones and Sky Taxis, from energy storage system (batteries), controllers, inverters to electric drive shafts. The vision of Rodenstein is to provide a zero emission air traffic.

Water cooled Battery Modules

Rodenstein high performance battery systems are designed for several use case strategies. For high performance applications we provide active water cooled batteries. For high range or ultra light applications we offer passive cooled ultra light batteries. For sky taxis in urban environment with non stop high rate “stop & go” scenarios our battery systems have a fast swap solution.

    • Fast Swap Interface for change or maintenance
    • Pilot Interface, single cell voltage monitoring and balancing
    • Liquid cooling for high performance applications
    • Long service life due to active and passive thermal management
    • Ultra light weight and robust, carbon fibre battery case

*(product under development)

Water cooled Battery Modules
High Performance Battery System

High Performance Battery System

Rodenstein batteries have a fast charge capability and support ultra high performance fast charging with special Rodenstein fast charging stations. Optionally they have a fast swap capability to change the whole battery within minutes against a fully charged one or for maintenance. We develop your electric energy storage system & drive train.

Zero Emission Aviation

Rodenstein offers and develops solutions for zero emission electric aeronautic high performance applications, such as Electric Aviation, E-Helicopters, UAVs, Drones and Sky Taxis.

    • Engineered in accordance to*: UN38.3, DO-311A, RTCA DO-178C, RTCA DO-160G, EASA SC-VTOL-0
    • Protection class IP67*
    • Multi-level short circuit protection on cell and system level
    • Additional operating safety due to redundant battery management system
    • SOC (State of Charge) / SOH (State of Health) analysis

*(product under development)

Zero Emission Aviation

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